Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back (B)log III

The Lobby. Where do I start with this. Being made director after a switch a few weeks into pre production regardless of what choices we made this project was doomed.
Anyway dispite major flaws and consistency problems something of a finished film was created. I animated the female characters and the close up at the beginning of the secretary guy. Oh and I did the colour work too, Ross did great layouts even if we were a bit short on them. I got the pleasure of messing around in photoshop colouring them in.

Ah my 1st attempt at a story for the film in 4th year. Codenamed "Tank Boy" just for convience sake (the amount of people who came up to me "er you do know there is a comic by Jamie Hewlitt called Tank Girl people might you know..."). Its about a man blowing up birds in a post apocolyptic world cant get any mind numbing than that. This was also me not taking myself too seriously. These are just colour concepts more than anything else, I think the second lower on was done mostly on Colors the thingy on the DS which is awesome and everyone should have it, its like a portable basic photoshop.

This is just an animamatic of it too, I swore I had it in colour, looked like the pics above...

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