Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back (B)log

This brings back the good ol days of 1st year.
This is a little poster I did of all the characters in
our children series pitch. I would still make it
even if the story is a bit ridiculous.

A short film I did in 3d in first year. I did it all in a weekend,
dont think anyone else did any work. We had a short period of time
so I commandeered the project and did it all since I was the only one
comfortable at that stage in 3D. Fionn did get the music. Its pretty cool.
Look out for the power ranger kid.

Ah 2nd year. This picture is from my second year pitch.
It was about a guy deciding to live in a suburban area or in the city.
Its about whether he wants to be free but possibly lonely or have little
freedom but feel accepted in the surburban community.
It was to be done in Flash since I knew the industry was heading that
way, after learning it in the summer before I never really used it again
except some animatic work in later years.
It nearly got picked for the film but the computer refused to
play the powerpoint presentation. I was asked to propose the idea again
for the 1st yr degree but I was over the idea and wanted to something different.

Second year character designs. A female version of me.
Thats what we had to do. Very strange thing indeed.
I like them though, missing a few drawings of her
but these ones were the more finalized versions.

My pan, probably the only one I have done and finished.
It was for a storyboard excercise where the story was
that these two guys slowly figure out they were just
killed by the train.

Duburbia, what can I say about this. I remember not sitting
on my chair doing my work as to help others on the project on their work.
I was the techincal guy, its was done in 3d, people did not know 3d that much.
I built the guy character, the nurse, the dog, the ambulance, hospital,
and some of random stuff too. Fair play to Shay who worked on it though
I didnt have to worry about anything he did. I composited the film too with
the help of the tutors and Sophie. Ill post the scenes I animated later as part
of a showreel or something.

Next post will be some 3rd year stuff.
Then the showreel. Hopefully it will be all up by tonight.

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